Virtual Laboratories
Virtual Laboratories
“Virtual Laboratories” more than 200 science experiments available on VR and PC
Send certificates on autopilot. Instant share on Linkedin
Sertifier is a digital credential management software that helps institutions, academies, universities and schools to send digital certificates and badges at ease
Sell More. Control Better. Report Now.
Empower your field team with a Mobile CRM and analyze real-time data from the fields.
Remote and Together
Vemaker provides the opportunity to interact in the online world. We created immersive, highly interactive worlds for events, trainings and collaborations. You can now join this experience.
Science Centers, Exhibitions and Experiment Sets
GES Technology is specialized in designing Science Centers and Exhibitions as well as development and distribution of experiment sets targeting effective STEM Training
A Brand New Shopping Experience
You can try the combinations specially prepared for you by your personal stylist with the help of AI, in accordance with your style and budget, at home, and buy only the ones you like.
Grow your business with the automation revolution.
Robomotion handles dull everyday tasks with robotic process automation technology. Delegate your tasks to our software robots and they can work 24/7.
Get Early Payment For Your e-Invoices
Fastest and easiest technological financing product to solve the cash flow and working capital problems of businesses.
Make Cameras Cool Again
Anonymize visual data in a GDPR-compliant way to protect people’s privacy.
Fun games from enthusiastic people
Udo Games is a game studio based in Ankara, Turkey, founded in 2013 and since then it’s been a great journey as a studio recalled by its’ games.
Power your investment with the AI magic.
Next-generation quant tools providing state-of-art portfolio construction, rebalancing, and reporting. Create efficient diversification that can be tailored to a specific investment strategy.
Online Therapy Platform
Evimdeki Psikolog provides online therapy services to B2C and B2B target audiences. The competent therapists have session proficiency in Turkish, English and French.
AI-Based Personal Trainer
The AI-Based application allows users to do the right sports exercises without the risk of injury. While constantly watching the users during exercise, the app gives instant feedback.
Hyper-casual Mobile Games
The main focus of L8 Studios is competitive racing games for mobile platforms. In addition to casual projects, the studio operates in the hyper-casual area and in blockchain-based games.
Innovative Food Tech
Malty is a food tech company with a mission to transform the food industry through sustainable ingredients and innovative food products. Malty works with sustainable and upcycled raw materials for both human health and the planet.
Professional Game Studio for Mobile and Steam Platform
Apphic Games is a creative game studio consists of team members experienced on Mobile Game Development, 2D - 3D Graphic Design, Modelling and Animations.
Data Annotation for AI Teams
Co-One is AI & crowdresource-based data platform, providing fast & accurate data annotations for AI teams.
One-Stop Shopping Experience for Fintechs
Enqura provides enhanced technologies with qualified human resources as rational solutions. Mission of Enqura is being companion with customers in their innovation journey.
Worldwide Shipping Service
Shippn is a trusted community marketplace for people to be able to shop from anywhere in the world. Shippn hosts help shoppers to have a local address in every country and shop conveniently like there are no borders.
Magfi is a platform that lists messaging communities such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord, Snapchat, and shares ads with community-appropriate microtargeting within communities with AI based technology.
Stylish Living for Everyone
Homster is a cloud based Artificial Intelligence service that helps home sellers sell their properties in a shorter time at a higher price by generating virtual tours straight from floor plans within minutes.
Revenue-Growth Opportunities for eCommerce Marketing Teams
Turn marketing data into actionable insights and helps marketing teams to stay on top of their performance and quickly catch any opportunities or issues
AR Technology and Gaming
Following current trends in the gaming ecosystem since its inception and aims to provide players with a realistic gaming experience using Augmented Reality (AR) technology.